Are you looking for the best alternatives to Kennected to streamline lead generation for your business?  Before deciding on your choice of lead generation software, you must know if it will align with your sales process and CRM. But first, let’s understand something more about Kennected itself.

It functions as an automated tool for your sales team, facilitating automated outreach for lead management. You can effectively generate leads, schedule appointments, and maintain communication with potential clients. This software permits you to craft personalized messages, track responses, and proficiently manage your leads.

Ultimately, the best alternative to Kennected depends on your specific business needs and preferences. It’s important to evaluate each software’s features, pricing, integrations, and customer reviews to choose the one that aligns with your lead generation and CRM requirements. We hope to guide you through some of the alternatives and competitors for you to explore.

Features :

Create a list of prospects

With a lead generation platform like Kennected, prospecting on LinkedIn becomes streamlined and efficient. You can easily search for and engage with your ideal prospects for B2B lead generation campaigns. Connect with the right people at the right time and spend more time talking to prospects when you make use of social media,

Get in touch with your prospects

Tap into the power of social media to find your target market and begin the communication process easily. Access email addresses to reach the right people at the right time and spend more time talking to prospects. Connect with your leads and raise the likelihood of closing more deals. You can easily build LinkedIn connections with businesses of all sizes and expand your network.

Data-driven decision making

Monitor the campaign progress across all channels. This provides you with valuable insights and data-driven decisions to make your prospecting efforts more effective. By generating real-time predictions and insights, you can focus on closing more sales and achieving your business goals.

Track your conversations

Improve your chances of success. Classify your conversations depending on which stage in your sales CRM they are on.  Improve the efficiency of customer acquisition with data-driven experiments.

Kennected competitors

Using the right lead generation platform like Kennected can help you streamline prospecting on LinkedIn by connecting with your ideal prospects, and closing more deals. Building valuable connections takes time and effort. Focus on providing value, personalization, and maintaining a genuine interest in your prospects’ needs. You can significantly enhance your probability of getting positive results when you are also willing to put in consistent effort and strategic execution. Here are some LinkedIn automation platforms to explore.

1) LeadConnect

LeadConnect makes your outreach more impactful and effective by letting you send personalized invitations to potential leads on LinkedIn. The automated follow-up feature ensures that you stay engaged with your leads until you receive a reply which saves time and effort. The software helps streamline your lead management process which allows you to focus on what matters most, i.e.: building relationships and closing deals. Thus you can track your outreach activities, analyze performance metrics, and optimize your sales strategy for better results.

Features :

Create a follow-up schedule

Set a certain number of days without a response as a trigger to send automated follow-ups. You can automate the number of times you want to send messages up to 10 times so as not to overdo follow-ups and become annoying. Also, you can personalize your follow-up messages to better connect with your leads and provide a positive customer experience.

Track responses and acceptance

Monitor the responses you receive from your messages. Keep track of how many leads have converted into customers and assess your team’s performance based on these results.

Take appropriate measures

Identify areas of improvement or bottlenecks based on the responses received and acceptance rates. Implement necessary measures like training, process optimization, or re-evaluating your messaging strategy to enhance team performance.

Update your Blacklist

The software allows you to maintain an updated Blacklist to avoid wasting time and prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary work.

With LeadConnect, sales professionals can stay active on LinkedIn and quickly and easily find potential leads based on specific criteria such as job title, industry, and location. The platform also provides insights and analytics on lead generation efforts, allowing users to track the success of their outreach campaigns and make data-driven decisions. So the team develops an understanding of what strategies are working and where they can improve their efforts. In addition to lead generation, it aids with your lead conversion process by sending automated personalized follow-ups. This makes it easier to nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel. Overall, It is a powerful tool for any sales professional looking to leverage the reach and potential of LinkedIn for lead generation and conversion.

Pricing :

(Per Month)

Monthly $25.95 $45.95 $85.95
Quarterly $22.95 $40.95 $77.95

You can avail of services for free forever but with much fewer features.

2) LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool that allows you to design outreach campaigns, accomplish more transactions, and interface with most CRMs. It seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce along with more integrations in the pipeline. It also offers integration with CRMs through Zapier such as, Greenhouse, Insightly, and many more that enable you to easily manage your leads and contacts.

Features :

Dedicated Exclusive local IP

You’ll have a unique local IP address exclusively assigned to you. This ensures the privacy and security of your account which will protect your data from unauthorized access.

Cloud-Based Automation Tool

Access your LinkedFusion account from any location and device, giving you the flexibility to manage your campaigns on the go. Even if you are offline, your campaigns will continue to run and deliver results.

Smart Inbox with Personalized Scheduled Follow-ups

The smart inbox feature allows you to respond quickly to messages from your LinkedIn leads. If you wish to, send messages to your LinkedIn leads later.

Safest Automation Tool

LinkedFusion is a trusted tool for LinkedIn used by over 45,000 users from 87 countries. It prioritizes the safety of your data and ensures that your information is secure from hackers and other malicious entities.

Unlimited Concurrent Sequences Supporting all Timezones

Whether they are in different time zones, you can engage with prospective clients. Send messages at a suitable time without needing to log on very early in the morning or too late in the night.

Custom Target Audience

Identifying and connecting with your potential consumers becomes easy.

Constant CRM Integrations

Make use of CRM and workflow solutions to keep track of the entire lead generation and sales process. You can manage all of your leads by syncing conversations and  storing all lead metadata in the dashboard,

Graphical Analytics Dashboard

Track and manage your outreach strategy with the help of its graphical analytics dashboard.

Pricing :

(Per User Per Month)

Monthly $65.95 $95.95 $135.95
Quarterly $59.95 $85.95 $120.95
Semi-Annually $52.95 $76.95 $108.95
Annually $46.95 $67.95 $95.95

3) SendBuzz

SendBuzz is a Sales Engagement Platform where you can create and manage personalized campaigns, track engagement, and automate follow-ups. You can save time and boost your productivity when you leverage the power of automation. In addition to LinkedIn automation, you can scale your cold email campaigns. You can create email templates, schedule and track email sequences, and analyze the success of your campaigns. Optimize your email outreach and enhance the results with the use of advanced features like A/B testing, email tracking, and analytics. Whether you are a sales professional, marketer, or entrepreneur,  supercharge your sales efforts and drive growth for your business.

Features :

Sales Engagement

You can increase your sales and marketing ROI by automating your LinkedIn outreach and cold email campaigns. Save time and money through effective workflow management, simplifying your tasks and enabling you to focus on engaging with your prospects. Through A/B testing, you can continuously improve your cold email marketing campaigns by experimenting with different messaging and tactics. By testing and optimizing, you can maximize your conversion rates and generate more leads.

Multi-Channel Outreach Tool

Connect with your target audience through email and other channels such as messages and phone calls. That will give you multiple touchpoints to engage with your prospects.

CRM Acceleration

Free your sales staff from wasting time working on administrative tasks through CRM automation. So they can focus on meeting potential leads and growing business. It is a platform that helps them to be precise and consistent with follow-ups.

Sales Reporting Tool

Make use of sales analysis tools for monitoring the effectiveness of your sales staff and gather crucial information on market trends, consumer preferences, and the success of your sales initiatives. Start making data-driven decisions that will improve your sales team’s performance and generate greater profits.

Lead Scoring

Automated Lead Scoring lets you concentrate on client communication and also build long-term relationships with clients. It provides an understanding of their behavior through their actions at certain milestones during the sales funnel journey.

Calls and Tasks

With just one click, you may contact any number on the planet to place and receive calls.  On your smartphone, computer, or any other internet-connected device, open the communication app or program of your choice, then click on the phone number or contact you wish to call. You can reach anyone in real time through this process

Pricing :

(Per Month)

Monthly $9
Quarterly $7

You can avail of services for free forever but with much fewer features.
Business :

Monthly $35 $65 $125
Quarterly $29 $56 $107

Agency :

Monthly $250
Quarterly $215

You can also customize your plan as per your needs
Done For You :
(billed quarterly)

Starts from $499 $699 $899

4) Meet Alfred

MeetAlfred offers features like LinkedIn automation and CRM integration for B2B sales. Send personalized follow-up messages to generate more leads
Some user reviews have noticed a few disadvantages for non-technical users. Without technical expertise, it could be challenging to set up and run the tool. Moreover, there are just a few customization options.

Features :

Generate leads across multiple channels

MeetAlfred provides a range of features that help you effectively connect with potential customers and boost your outbound sales efforts by developing a multi-channel lead generation and sales pipeline. Reach out to prospects on the platforms they prefer and start engaging with them.

Send personalized messages

You can send personalized messages to business owners or top management.  Increase the likelihood of getting a response from them by tailoring your communication to their specific needs and interests,

Make business networking easy

You can manage and organize your contacts efficiently. Categorize them based on different criteria that make it simpler to target specific groups and tailor your approach accordingly. Customer Relationship Management is an essential aspect of sales. Focus on expanding your network. Start to cultivate connections with businesses that are looking to boost their sales by concentrating on creating long-term relationships,

Improve your team’s efficiency and productivity

The tool lets you structure and manage your sales team efficiently as it lets you facilitate the onboarding of new team members. You can easily add them to the system, assign roles and responsibilities, and monitor their campaign performance. This feature helps streamline the management of your sales team and ensures everyone is working towards the same goals.

Focus on your core business

By automating repetitive tasks, the software lets you focus on more important work. This saves you time and increases overall productivity.
Some of its advanced features may be complex for new or non-technical users to understand and create advanced automated sequences.
In conclusion, this software offers a range of features to enhance your lead generation and outbound sales efforts. It enables you to connect with potential customers via their preferred channels, send personalized messages, manage contacts efficiently, build relationships, onboard and manage your team, and automate repetitive tasks.

Pricing :

(Per Month)

Personal Business Enterprise
Monthly $59 $89 $399
Quarterly $49 $69 $299

5) Zopto

Zopto is the 1st marketing software utilizing Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the growth of your business through comprehensive sales outreach across various channels. However, several customers have found it to be a costly solution that lacks several essential features. There is a cap on the number of emails, InMails, profile invitations, bulk invites, and event or group communications you may send.

Features :

Secure Prospecting

We put a lot of effort into upholding the integrity of the LinkedIn community as a whole and also ensuring that your campaigns and data remain protected.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Optimize your campaign and conveniently track its progress across all available channels by tapping into the benefits of both, LinkedIn and email outreach.

Real-Time Reporting

Get access to real-time and complete data across all of your campaigns and channels to assess your success, analyze data, and make improvements.

6) Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn Automation Tool is an automation tool designed to help you grow your sales pipeline and take your business to the next level.

Features :

Find your target audience

Identify the right audience for your LinkedIn campaign by considering relevant criteria such as job titles, industries, locations, and company sizes. Use LinkedIn’s targeting options and analytics to refine your audience and track the success of your campaign. You can find your target audience without compromising on data security.

Connect and engage

Customize your messages to build engagement with your target audience. Personalize your outreach messages to show that you understand their needs and challenges. Use automation tools to schedule and send messages at the appropriate time, ensuring that your communication is consistent and timely. Connect with your target audience by sending personalized connection requests. View and follow profiles of potential leads to stay updated and engage with them. Use features such as LinkedIn messaging and InMails to remain updated regarding your prospects. Send relevant and valuable messages to build rapport and establish yourself as a trusted resource. Continuously follow up on previous messages to keep the conversation going and nurture your leads.

Generate and manage leads

Integrate your LinkedIn campaign with your CRM to manage and track leads effectively. Update your CRM with new leads generated from LinkedIn and sync all relevant information to streamline the lead management process. Use insights from LinkedIn’s analytics to optimize your lead generation strategy and make data-driven decisions. Implement multi-channel strategies and leverage team prospecting efforts to maximize your lead generation potential. Engage your sales and marketing teams to collaborate on LinkedIn outreach and lead nurturing. Use centralized prospect management tools to ensure seamless coordination and avoid duplication of efforts. You can continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your LinkedIn campaign. Track key metrics such as engagement rate, conversion rate, page views, and lead quality to understand the effectiveness of your strategy. Make necessary adjustments based on the insights gathered to improve yourself and reach your target audience more effectively.

Pricing :

Pro Dux Turbo Dux
Individual (Per Month)
Monthly $14.99 $55.00
Yearly $11.25 $41.25
Team (Per Month Per Seat)
Monthly $14.99 $55.00
Yearly $11.25 $41.25
Agency (Per Month) from $337.50 from $412.50

7) LinkedHelper

LinkedHelper is a lead generation software that optimizes lead generation on LinkedIn. Effectively engage with B2B prospects and convert them into loyal customers to make the most of the opportunity.

Core Features :

Build funnels with chains of messages

You have the flexibility to handle each stage of the sales funnel according to your preferences by creating multiple sequences of automated messages as per your requirements.

Scrape and export

Access comprehensive data such as phone numbers and email addresses from individual and business profiles. You can also get message history, including emails and phone conversations, from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator inbox.

Go over LinkedIn weekly invitations limit

Send invites to 100 individuals daily instead of being limited to sending 100 requests for connections per week.

Extension-based LinkedIn automation software

As it is a local program, there might be challenges to download and install it. Additionally, it has limitations like needing to leave it open on the computer for whatever time it requires.

Personalized message to 1st connections

Send your 1st connections automatic, customized messages with custom graphics attached.

Hyper personalization

Use a big mix of standard and custom variables to develop adaptable layouts, and include unique images.

Multi-source targeting

Identify potential leads from various sources. Some examples could be members of LinkedIn groups, alumni pages associated with your educational institution, individuals who have visited your profile but have yet to be invited, and users who have expressed their appreciation or left comments on your posts.

Integration with 3rd party CRMs

Integrate your LinkedIn profile with your favorite CRM such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others. You can also connect with other platforms like Zapier, Integromat,, etc.

Automate almost everything

Automate the process of inviting people by sending messages, InMails, or emails, visiting and following profiles, reaching out to event participants and group members, and sending invitations to events and groups.

Advanced limits and working hours

Set limitations on your daily tasks and include personalized delays in between specific actions, such as between clicks on web pages.

Bulk messaging

Interact with all the members of your LinkedIn groups. We can continue frequent connections and boost their engagement with the help of automated technologies.

Pricing :

(Per Month)

Standard Pro
1 month $15.00 $45.00
3 months $13.33 $40.00
3 months $10.00 $30.00
12 months $8.25 $24.75

You can avail of services for free forever but with much fewer features.


Today, businesses can choose from many choices of software that helps to automate LinkedIn. However, before making a financial investment, it is always recommended to think about every aspect to arrive at the most suitable decisions. When you have the correct tools, you can generate leads and close more deals that take your business to the next level and achieve exponential development. However, making an improper choice might have undesirable effects. Most of these tools allow new users to begin with a trial period. Make the most of it by choosing which one is ideal for your company’s needs.