How we use our own tool, Lead Connect, for the hiring process

As they say “The difference between success and failure is a great team”, the most important thing for any firm be it big or small, privately owned or public, is the quality of employees they have that work hard together as a team to make it a success. Don’t forget about the most crucial step in building one i.e recruitment or the hiring process.


Here is how we used to hire people before a month or two, just like other companies do:

  • Post a Job Availability on a professional network like LinkedIn
  • Use Job Portals like Indeed
  • Internal Referral bonus methods and many others.

But the results were not at all satisfactory as we expected (rather it was slow)  and we were not ready to accept anybody just because we wanted people to join as soon as possible and hire someone who is not a perfect fit. Trust me coordinating with other HR agencies was not easy. The problem with the traditional method was we could not reach out to the right audience both in quantity and quality.

And guess what, we found a solution in our own tool i.e. Lead Connect
So now at Lead Connect, we recruit people using Lead Connect. And You could do it the same for your company. Below are the steps that we followed to recruit our awesome developers for Lead Connect.

Step 1: We create a new sequence(a task to reach out to the targeted audience as we say at Lead Connect) in Lead Connect chrome extension.
Step 2: Find our targeted audience (here, PHP Developers in our city with specified years of experience) using LinkedIn Sales Navigator (You can use Basic LinkedIn search)
Step 3: Once we have our target audience, we copy the URL query and paste it to Lead Connect.
define target audience
Step 4: Now, we set up a message along with a connection request telling the candidate about our company. And the plus point here is we can have a personalized message to each user present in our target which compels the candidate to accept the request.
Step 5: Once the candidate accepts our request we wait for one day for him to respond to our initial message and check out our company information (We got many applications via website Career Page) and if he responds we share the google form asking him to schedule an interview time (tools like Calendly, KalendarPro. help us here)  and fill out the details like name, expected salary, current salary and lastly we ask them to upload an updated resume.
Step 6: If the user does not respond back after accepting our request even after 1 day,  we set-up a follow-up message to be sent out automatically using our tool where we inform him about the vacancy and he might be the right fit for it along with same google form link.


If we had some conversation with a candidate on LinkedIn we use our HubSpot integration to push them there so that our team can look into it in the future. (Maybe candidate is not looking to change job right now but is interested to join the company after a certain period why waste that candidate)

Just remember while we were busy taking interviews, our tool builds us a pool of talent 100 new candidates per day is no joke and we decided we will show all the leads in our backend as well for future use. Not a single person you try to connect on LinkedIn will be lost with our tool whether he is connected or not.

If you would like we can share the exact templates (auto messages) we used in this campaign to hire people at lightning fast speed. Just drop me an email on [email protected].