LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking site to let potential employers, clients, and business partners know about your abilities, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. A text-only resume wouldn’t have the impact you would want. That is why your online presence plays a crucial role in 2023 to shape your professional image. Expanding your network should be your top priority after creating your LinkedIn profile. For that purpose, a LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform such as LeadConnect helps to reach out to your target audience.

A portfolio link allows you to showcase your work, whether it is design projects, writing samples, coding projects, or any other relevant samples of your work. This gives potential employers and clients a visual representation of your skills and expertise. When you add a link, it shows that you are proactive in sharing your content to your LinkedIn portfolio and establishing your professional brand. It shows that you have tangible evidence of your abilities and are confident in your work. In a competitive job market, having a portfolio link sets you apart from other candidates. It allows you to highlight unique projects or accomplishments that may not be evident from a traditional resume or job application.

A text-based resume can only provide limited information about your skills and experiences. When you provide a portfolio link, employers have a greater understanding of your work process, originality, and problem-solving talents. It allows you to present a more detailed explanation of your professional journey. Your LinkedIn portfolio link allows you to make an exceptional first impression and develop your professional image. Take the time to concentrate on your portfolio, select your best work, and make sure it stands out.

Why a Portfolio Link Matters

Before we dive into the how, let’s understand the why. Why is it so crucial to include a portfolio link on your LinkedIn profile?

Visual Representation of Your Work

A portfolio link to LinkedIn transforms your profile from a static resume into a dynamic visual representation of your skills and accomplishments. As a result, your work becomes more tangible and interesting for everyone looking at your professional portfolio. It also enables you to display your actual work. It ensures that potential employers or clients understand what you have to offer. Moreover, a LinkedIn portfolio link may improve your reputation because it demonstrates that you have made the effort to organize and display your work professionally. It also enables you to differentiate yourself from other job candidates or freelancers who might count exclusively on a conventional resume. Include a link to your LinkedIn portfolio, which should contain a variety of content, including completed projects, articles or blog posts, presentations, and anything else that could demonstrate your expertise and talents.

You may get an advantage over other candidates in the job market by evaluating your talents more completely thanks to this visual depiction, A portfolio link on LinkedIn might also help you develop your brand. When you submit your portfolio to your profile, you provide recruiters with tangible evidence of your skills and experiences. This could benefit you in standing out from the crowd and capturing the attention of your target audience. Adding a portfolio link to LinkedIn can significantly enhance your professional profile. It turns an ordinary CV into a compelling and dynamic representation of your talents and accomplishments, allowing future employers or clients to learn about your work. You may efficiently demonstrate your strengths, develop your brand, and stand out in a highly competitive job market using this tool.

Credibility and Trust

In the competitive job market, trust and credibility are necessary for your profile to get seen. You provide real proof of your talents and experiences by uploading your portfolio. This could enable you to distinguish yourself from the crowd and gain the attention of potential clients or employers.  A portfolio link is a visual representation of your work that you may use to back up your claims.  It allows HR Professionals to see your capabilities firsthand and judge your competence based on tangible evidence. By showcasing your previous projects, achievements, and expertise, you effectively demonstrate your value and differentiate yourself from other candidates. Including a portfolio link in your job application or resume shows that you are proactive and confident in your abilities.

It allows Hiring Managers to analyze the level of your work and determine whether it meets their expectations. Furthermore, a carefully designed portfolio can reveal insights into your creativity, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and general professional attitude. A portfolio link can also help you speak about yourself with greater efficacy and provide credibility to your portfolio. It enables you to demonstrate your work in a visually appealing and structured manner, producing a single narrative about your abilities, experiences, and interests. This may help you create a lasting impression on potential recruiters and clients, making you more recognizable and raising your chances of getting picked for an interview or project. Furthermore, including a portfolio link can save time for both you and the Talent Acquisition Specialists. You could include a portfolio link on your LinkedIn profile and let your work explain itself rather than attempting to do so with words and hoping that people will understand it.

Human Resources Managers can quickly evaluate your suitability for the role and spend more time on deeper assessments of your application. Overall, trust and credibility are vital in establishing your branding in a competitive job market. You can include content on your profile to provide concrete evidence of your skills and experiences, helping your resume on your LinkedIn profile to stand out, increase your visibility, and build trust with potential clients or employers.

Improved Engagement

Visual content tends to engage viewers more effectively than plain text. People are more likely to click through, check your profile, and look at the content you have contributed when you provide a link to your portfolio, improving interaction with your LinkedIn profile. This is because image-rich content is more visually attractive than plain text and is capable of conveying facts more swiftly and efficiently. It could increase the chance they will interact with your content or share it with others. When you add a link to your portfolio to your LinkedIn profile, it makes it easier for others to find out more about your work, as well as your skills and knowledge. Therefore, someone could click on the link, visit your profile, and go through your portfolio on LinkedIn.

Tailored Storytelling

Your portfolio link allows you to tell a more comprehensive and tailored story of your professional journey. You can highlight projects, case studies, and accomplishments that fit with your professional objectives. A portfolio can also provide definitive evidence of your abilities and experience, which enables prospective employers or clients to figure out the value you can add to their company. Additionally, it may show off your capacity for original thought, problem-solving, and productivity. You may demonstrate your flexibility and agility in several circumstances and fields by adding a wide range of projects and case studies. This might make you a more appealing candidate for situations that demand a wide skill set. A portfolio enables you to emphasize certain accomplishments or milestones that show your progress and advancement throughout your professional career.

If you want to make progress in your profession or switch to another one, this can be extremely useful. Employers or clients may observe your achievement record as well as how you’ve developed your abilities and progressed over time. Overall, having a portfolio may help you create your personal branding and enable you to stand out from other candidates or competitors because it offers a visual and interactive representation of your professional journey. It may significantly increase your prospects of job progression or business possibilities and act as an effective way to present your abilities, knowledge, and accomplishments.

Now let’s explore the step-by-step process to do it effectively.

Adding a LinkedIn Portfolio Link to Your Profile

Sign Into Your LinkedIn Account

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn Account, you should make one. Just click on your name or profile picture in the top right corner once you have logged in to view your profile.
sign linkedin account

Create a Portfolio

You must choose “Add profile section” on your profile page when editing your LinkedIn portfolio for the first time.
add profile section
To add the portfolio section, choose “Recommended” in the drop-down menu and then choose “Add featured” from the dialog box.
add profile

Choose to Add Work Samples of Your Content

LinkedIn allows you to add various types of content to your Featured section.
You’ll add a link to websites, articles, or online portfolios.
Add images to showcase visual work like design projects, infographics, or photography.
Documents to upload files such as PDFs, Word documents, or presentations.
Media to embed multimedia content like videos or slideshows.
When you are adding information to your LinkedIn profile, choose what will most truly represent your career.  For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you might provide a link to your online portfolio or images of your creative work.

Add Details and Descriptions

After selecting the content type, you’ll want to add details and descriptions. This step is important since it gives the viewer context. Describe the topic of the article, your contribution to its creation, and any additional relevant data.

Save Your Changes

Once you’ve added your portfolio item and provided the necessary details, click the “Save” or “Done” button to add samples of your work. Your portfolio item will now be visible in the Featured section of your LinkedIn profile.

Rearrange and Edit

You can rearrange the order of your featured items by clicking and dragging them to your preferred position. You can also edit or remove items from the LinkedIn featured section at any time.

Additional Tips for an Effective Portfolio Link

Here are some additional tips to make the most of this feature :

Keep It Updated

Your portfolio should evolve as your career progresses. Regularly update your Featured section with new work, projects, or accomplishments to reflect your current skills and experiences.

Prioritize Relevance

While it’s great to showcase a wide range of work, it is best if you add relevant and attention-grabbing items that are most relevant to your current career goals. Tailor your portfolio to highlight the skills and experiences you want to emphasize.

Use Engaging Visuals

If you’re adding content on LinkedIn such as images or videos to your portfolio, ensure they are of high quality and visually engaging. Your work samples should be the best examples you can provide.

Craft Compelling Descriptions

The descriptions you provide for each portfolio item should be concise yet informative. Highlight key achievements, your role, and the impact of the project whenever possible.

Test Your Links

If you’re including external links in your portfolio, make sure they are active and lead to the intended content. Broken or outdated links can harm your credibility.


One effective technique to improve your professional image is by adding a portfolio link to your LinkedIn page. Present your skills and knowledge in an appealing way to potential employers, clients, and partners. You can swiftly create and update your LinkedIn portfolio by following the detailed directions in this article. Always maintain your portfolio updated along customized to your goals because it serves as a dynamic representation of your profession. With LeadConnect, the LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform can lead you to grow your network and easily connect with your prospective employers or clients.