LinkedIn has emerged as a leading site for business networking and professional development. It provides a broad spectrum of features and resources for both individuals and companies. However, to properly leverage the enormous potential of this platform, one must understand the various LinkedIn account types available.

We will discuss the different options you haveĀ and aid you in arriving at a well-informed choice that is as per your professional goals and aspirations. You should be aware that LinkedIn can be used for prospecting as a business owner. Keep yourself updated regarding your target market if you would like to build a relationship with them. You might need to repeat this a few times until you receive a response,Ā  In such a situation, you can automate the process with LeadConnect to scale upĀ outreach campaigns and get the most out of LinkedIn.

FreeĀ LinkedIn Account

The basic LinkedIn account is the entry point for most users as it provides essential networking features. Ā Members can create a professional profile mentioning their background, qualifications, education, and achievements. Using this profile as an online resume, they can interact with their coworkers, friends, and other professionals in their field. A key feature is the ease with which members can establish relationships with other professionals. Users may look up and connect with persons they know or wish to get to know better on a professional level. They may grow their professional networks, keep in touch with colleagues, and discover new business opportunities.

Users could also join LinkedIn Groups, which are groups centered on certain professions, interests, or industries. Professionals may use these groups as a forum to connect, exchange expertise, pose queries, and have discussions with like-minded people. Also, it provides the ability to see and be seen by other members. Users can see who has viewed their profile and get insights on the industries, companies, and roles of these visitors. This feature can help users identify potential recruiters, business partners, or clients who have shown interest in their profile.

Furthermore, users can also apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn. They can search for job opportunities based on location, industry, experience level, and other criteria. Users can also receive job alerts based on their preferences and save job listings for future reference. It offers essential networking features that help users create and maintain a professional online presence, connect with other professionals, join industry-specific communities, and explore job opportunities. Here’s what you can do with your LinkedIn free profile :

Create a Profile
You can create a personal profile with your photo, work history, education, skills, and a summary.
Connect with Others
You can send connection requests and connect with other LinkedIn users, including professionals in your field, colleagues, and friends.
View Profiles
You can view the profiles of other users, even if you’re not connected to them.
Join Groups
You can join LinkedIn Groups related to your interests, industry, or profession. Groups are great for networking and discussing industry trends.
Follow Companies
You can follow companies to stay updated on their news and job openings.
Apply for Jobs
You can apply for job positions listed on LinkedIn.
Receive Messages
You can receive messages from your connections and respond to them.
A LinkedIn Basic account is a good starting point for students, job seekers, and professionals looking to establish an online professional presence without any cost.

LinkedIn Premium Career

It is aimed at job seekers looking to accelerate their job search and make meaningful connections. This premium account offers the following additional benefits :
InMail Credits
You receive a specific number of InMail credits each month, which you may use to communicate with people with whom you are not connected. This is extremely useful when contacting recruiters or potential employers.
See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
You can see the complete list of people who’ve viewed your profile in the last 90 days, giving you insights into who’s interested in your background.
Access to LinkedIn Learning
You gain access to LinkedIn Learning, which provides a wide range of online courses to enhance your skills and knowledge.
Salary Insights
You can see salary insights for job listings, helping you gauge whether a position aligns with your salary expectations.
Job Applicant Insights
You gain a competitive edge when it comes to tailoring your application since you can see how you compare to other candidates for a particular position.
People who are actively seeking new career opportunities and who want to use LinkedIn’s services to set themselves out in the competitive job market need to explore this option.

LinkedIn Premium Business

If you’re a professional who is looking to progress your career or a business owner looking to boost your company’s presence on LinkedIn, the Premium Business account is an option to explore. The following characteristics are included :
All Premium Career Features
You get all benefits, including InMail credits, profile views, and access to LinkedIn Learning.
Business Insights
You gain access to insights about the companies you’re interested in, including company size, growth trends, and key decision-makers.
Job Postings
You can post job openings at your company, attracting top talent directly from LinkedIn.
Sales Navigator
If you’re in sales or business development, you’ll have access to Sales Navigator, a powerful tool for finding leads, building relationships, and closing deals.
Lead Builder
You can build targeted lead lists based on various criteria, making it easier to connect with potential clients or partners.
LinkedIn Premium Business is a valuable investment for professionals and businesses looking to expand their network, find new clients or customers, and gain insights into the business landscape.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core

Sales Navigator is a standalone subscription designed explicitly for sales professionals and businesses focused on lead generation and sales outreach. Here are the key features of your sales navigator account
Advanced Lead Search
You can conduct highly targeted searches to find potential leads or prospects based on criteria like job title, industry, company size, and more.
Lead Recommendations
Sales Navigator provides you with lead recommendations tailored to your preferences and goals.
InMail Credits
Like Premium Career, you receive InMail credits to send messages to prospects outside your network.
CRM Integration
Sales Navigator seamlessly integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, making it easy to manage and track your leads.
Team Features
If you’re part of a sales team, Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise plans allow for collaborative lead management and sharing.
Sales Navigator is a must-have for sales professionals looking to boost their outreach efforts, nurture leads, and close deals more effectively.

LinkedInĀ Sales Navigator Advanced

Besides having features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core plan, it comes with some additional features so it can be better suited for teams.
Share content and track engagement
You can share content through Smartlinks and keep track of how your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns are doing and how prospects engage with them.
Warm introductions from teammates
View your entire team’s connections through Teamlinks and show you if any prospect has any 2nd or 3rd-degree connections with any teammates

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus is the plan that provides enterprises and has these advancedĀ  features :
TeamLink Extend
Get the benefit of Teamlinks with not just your team but everyone in your organization
CRM updates with Data Validation
Receive notification whenever details such as the company or job of any prospect get changed.
Integrate CRM contacts
Avoid contacting leads already in your CRM by excluding them from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results

LinkedIn Recruiter

It is a LinkedIn premium account designed for talent acquisition for professionals and recruiters. It offers the following features :
Advanced Candidate Search
You can conduct extensive searches to find potential candidates for job openings, using filters like skills, location, and experience.
InMail Credits
Similar to Premium Career and Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter provides InMail credits for reaching out to potential hires.
Team Collaboration
If you’re part of a recruiting team, you can collaborate on candidate sourcing and management within the platform.
Pipeline Management
LinkedIn Recruiter enables you to track and manage candidates through various stages of the hiring process.
Recruitment Analytics
You may optimize your hiring methods with the use of data and analytics.
LinkedIn Recruiter is an essential tool for HR experts and recruiters who are trying to find top talent and streamline their recruiting strategies,

Which LinkedIn membership level is right?

How do you choose which account type is the best for you now that we’ve covered the features of all available choices? Consider the following criteria while making the best choice:

Your Career Stage

A LinkedIn Basic account may be adequate to create your professional profile and connect with peers if you are a recent graduate or are just beginning your career.
Job seekers looking to actively network and find job opportunities can benefit from a Premium Career subscription.
Mid-career professionals aiming to expand their network, access more insights, and enhance their skills might opt for Premium Business.
Sales and business development professionals should consider Sales Navigator for its lead generation and management capabilities.
If you’re in HR or recruitment, LinkedIn Recruiter is the go-to choice for talent acquisition.

Your Goals

Consider your primary objectives on LinkedIn. Are you looking for a job, trying to grow your business, orĀ simply expanding your professional network?
Evaluate how the different types of LinkedIn premium plans align with your goals. For example, if you’re a freelancer or consultant, Premium Business or Sales Navigator might help you find clients more effectively.


LinkedIn caters to its audience at differentĀ price points. Assess your budget and determine which subscription level you can comfortably afford.


Think about how long you plan to use LinkedIn intensively. Some subscriptions are billed monthly, while others offer annual plans with cost savings.

Trial Period

LinkedIn often provides a free trial period for premium subscriptions. Take advantage of these trials to test the features and see if they meet your needs.


LinkedIn provides several membership options to suit people at various levels of their careers and with different objectives. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned executive, or a business owner, Ā there’s a LinkedIn profile type tailored to your needs. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers professional growth and learning possibilities through its courses and certifications. These tools can assist you in remaining relevant in your career, learning new skills, and demonstrating your competence to prospective employers or clients. The active community and discussion forums provide a platform for information exchange, cooperation, and mentoring. It can provide the help your company needs to reach greater heights. You may develop a strong professional presence, build a network of industry connections, and stay up to date with the latest industry trends. The premium features offered by LinkedIn’s paid memberships can enhance these benefits further, allowing you to stand out in a competitive job market and access additional resources and insights.

Also, LinkedIn offers professional growth and learning possibilities through its courses and certifications. These tools can assist you in remaining relevant in your career, learning new skills, and demonstrating your competence to prospective employers or clients. The active community and discussion forums provide a platform for information exchange, cooperation, and mentoring. Engaging with other industry professionals may be beneficial for learning knowledge, getting suggestions, and growing your network. In the end, it is a comprehensive platform that equips professionals with the tools they need to improve themselves to perform better in their professions, develop their brands, and develop deep relationships.