Best Alternative to Expandi


LeadConnect-The Best Expandi Alternative

Why LeadConnect is better as compared to Expandi and one should upgrade?

LeadConnect is the best alternative to Expandi for LinkedIn marketing automation tasks. Expandi is a good LinkedIn automation tool with some limitations to outreach prospects on LinkedIn such as, without adding payment details, you can’t get a 7 days free trial whereas, with LeadConnect you have more freedom. You will get 7 days free trial to check LeadConnect’s advanced feature without providing any payment details and run a campaign.

Moreover, LeadConnect outperforms Expandi in offering pricing plans. LeadConnect offers its customers more flexible payment plans so that users can select accordingly. For example, 3 different plans of LeadConnect can meet its customers’ needs as per their workload. Whereas, at Expandi users have only one pricing plan option. 

On top of that, with LeadConnect, you can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts while with Expandi you can handle one LinkedIn account.

The Best Alternative to Expandi

LeadConnect is Safe to use:

Go for the safest, reliable, and smarter LinkedIn automation software.

      • LeadConnect uses smart Intelligent algorithms that are moderated and lurched to ensure your activity simulates like a human and helps to stay away from being considered spam.
      • Automatically withdraws pending invitations as part of Sequence to avoid LinkedIn restrictions.
Every other tool out there claims the same so why should you trust in us? We are a team of Developers who know the technology, not some agency to manage your responsible tasks and launched software to make some quick money. Get in touch with us to learn more.
      • The safest and reliable LinkedIn automation tool.
      • User-friendly interface.
      • Moderated Levels for Your Protection.
      • Has Smart Automation to avoid repetitive requests from the same Team.
      • HubSpot Integrations.
      • Works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
      • Unlimited Auto Replies.
      • Has flexible plans as per your business needs.

Easy and User-friendly interface

LeadConnect has an easy and user-friendly interface to get started with, you don’t need to have any training.

Expandi has a very complex user interface and you will need to have time on how to use it. With LeadConect, No need to waste your valuable time on getting the tool. Instead, use your time on growing sales and business with LeadConnect.

Dedicated Support via Live Chat and Email

At LeadConnect, be carefree about help and support. We provide support using a dedicated account manager. Our support team provides important information and advice to take your LinkedIn automation campaigns to the next level. You do not need to wait for a support agent to get a reply for days. With LeadConnect get your campaign up and running shortly.

Unlike Expandi we offer free set up of our system to our customers, we are confident LeadConnect is easy to set up and therefore, we provide countless hours of support whenever our customers are in need.

Designed for organizations running multiple accounts

It is possible when you and your team use LinkedIn for lead generation simultaneously, the targeted audience overlaps. It does not make any sense sending Similar Campaign messages to the same person from different accounts, on the contrary, it looks spammy.

LeadConnect has Team Sync features to avoid repetitive requests. If the same prospect is reached out from your organization twice, LeadConnect will ensure not to target the same user again as part of any sequence. 

You have an option to blacklist even the whole company and LeadConnect will make sure your account doesn’t reach out to anyone currently working at the blacklisted company.

Integrations and Webhooks for omnichannel approach & reporting:

HubSpot: LeadConnect lets you sync your activity on LinkedIn to Hubspot on Autopilot saving your team from daily tiresome-repetitive work. 

Zapier: With Zapier you can integrate with thousands of other apps. Our Zapier Integration can be triggered at any predefined stage which gives you the unlimited opportunity to create any complex systems.

LeadConnect vs Expandi



Flexible payment plans

Yes (3 Plans)

No (1 Only)

7 Days free trial version

Yes (Without payment details)

Yes (With payment details)

Moderated Levels for Your Protection

Yes (Safe)

No (Unsafe)

Unlimited Auto Replies



Team Sync



Automated connection request



A customized automated connection message



Hubspot Integrations



Compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator



Automated Follow-up Messages