LinkedIn is now a reliable source for lead generation having more than 930 million subscribers. It was initially well-known as a platform for professionals to search for job opportunities and for businesses to recruit new employees. And companies searched for new employees. Now it is also a professional networking website that lets you instantly connect with people and has evolved as a social selling software to become the preferred choice for sales.

It is currently the world’s largest professional network with a presence in more than 200 countries and territories in the world. Want to be a pro at LinkedIn sales? Here is what you can do to be successful at selling through LinkedIn:

Getting Started with Email Automation

  1. Identity and Engage with the Right Prospects

    The first step to using a social selling software like this is to have a professional profile which is usually the first thing your prospects might see about. Explain the way your products and services can be beneficial to them. What experience might the person have? Give examples of your work or portfolio.

    Getting Started with Email Automation

    Then, begin finding and interacting with those prospects most likely to explore your products and services in detail. Search on LinkedIn and use the filters to shortlist your potential audience. You have to research the profiles of people who you think will be more likely to be interested. Look at their profile highlights, activity, and interests to understand them better. Doing so will ensure that your marketing efforts for selling through LinkedIn will be directed toward prospects who are likely to be receptive to buying what you have to offer.

  2. Share Engaging and Relevant Content

    You can find valuable and relevant content on your profile or share it personally with your prospects. The purpose would be to show how your products or services can help them in solving their problems or make their processes more efficient. You can also share other content that you may feel might interest them.

    Engage your users with high quality of content

  3. Engage with Your Prospects

    You need to develop a long-term relationship with your prospects on LinkedIn. Visit their profile and follow them. Engage with their content by liking, sharing, and commenting on them to gain engagement. Also, you wish them on important milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries.engage your users

  4. Join Relevant Groups

    You can join those industry and sector-specific groups on LinkedIn to explore talent and like-minded people on LinkedIn with similar expertise. Doing so will enable you to grow your network and connect with a broader audience making selling through LinkedIn easier. Also, you get a platform to share more information about your expertise. Lastly, you can find more regarding the challenges and opportunities in your industry.

    join relevant groups

  5. Personalize Connection Requests

    LinkedIn selling can bring success through developing a personal connection with your prospects is crucial. Hence you can’t just send a standard email. Also, your prospects get so many such requests that you have to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, your request will be likely ignored or deleted. Personalization doesn’t just mean including their name. It should show how you can provide them with value.

    personalize connection request

    Using a reliable Linkedin Outreach Automation Platform such as LeadConnect can make the process much simpler. You can send Automated Personalized Invitations and Follow Ups without engaging your sales team in these repetitive and monotonous tasks.

  6. Facilitate Meaningful Conversations

    If you want to be successful at social selling linkedin, develop a personal connection with them. Don’t discuss your products and services, but make these conversations about them. It’s not a great idea to directly jump into trying to sell to them. Doing so means LinkedIn as a sales tool can bring in more business in the long term.

    have meaningful conversations

  7. Move Your Conversations Away from Linkedin

    After you have formed a connection, start taking your conversations to other platforms such as emails, phone calls, or Skype meetings( or Zoom or any other such platform), etc. Now you can close your deal effectively

LinkedIn can become a crucial tool that enables you to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing how to sell effectively can bring the success that you have always wished for.