As a small business owner, it is natural not to have enough budget at the beginning.

Having a lower budget doesn’t mean you can’t try online marketing. These days online marketing is a must to reach your targeted audience.

So how to carry on all those online marketing activities with a lower budget?

Well, there are quite a few low-cost marketing strategies that you can implement for your small businesses. These marketing strategies are suitable when the budget is tight.

Keep in mind that for sustaining the regular competition, even small businesses need to carry on the marketing activities even on a small scale.

Low budget marketing strategies

There are no way to overlook marketing activities and make your small business stand out from the rest. Thus, even when your business is on a tight budget, you have to implement some low budget marketing activities for your business.

For your convenience, we have picked five low budget small business marketing strategies perfectly suitable for your purpose.

So, let’s dive in,

1. Creating low-cost instructional videos

Content is everything now. There are different sorts of contents. Among all these types of contents, video contents get the most reach among the audience.
instructional videos

So the majority of small businesses now focus on creating video content to get the maximum reach. Video content is precious. And it often costs tons of money.

Yet, you have the option of creating instructional videos like tutorials in the most cost-friendly way possible. You can create HD quality videos now with your smartphone with minimal edit.

You can upload those videos to the YouTube channel of your small business. Such content will provide enough value to the customers, and in a way, it will do the marketing job with minimal or almost no cost.

Suppose you have an SEO agency. Then you can create tutorials on SEO. This way, you can enlighten the minds of the viewers about SEO, and they might end up having your services after getting convinced of your expertise.

2. Publishing high-quality infographics

Infographics can be another way of implementing low-cost marketing strategies in a small business. It is indeed a compelling marketing tool.

Infographics provide information in a very visually appealing way; it is straightforward to comprehend information, easy to share. So it is effortless to get traffic and referral links by using such infographics.

It will not cost you much considering the benefits it would bring. With a bit of knowledge of some design tools, you can create your own Infographic without hiring any designer.
Many popular tools like Canva that can be used to create infographics without spending money.

3. Arranging webinars

This tactic is just another inbound marketing strategy followed by so many small businesses and marketers these days. An impactful webinar is a powerful marketing tool now that makes the audience a part of the sales funnel.


Small businesses can reach to their final customers by arranging webinars.

A report of says that almost 73% of marketers think now webinars are the second most effective marketing tactic to generate quality leads.

By using this marketing tactic, your small business can reach a broader audience. Yet arranging webinars cost very little for a small business.

4. Creating unique content with available data

Content is king.

But creating content might cost you a significant amount of money. Especially when you think about creating it from scratch and using new data. Generating new data needs a lot of effort and money.

So when you do not have a lot of marketing budget, working with new data may seem quite tricky or almost close to impossible.

For creating new content, you generally need to hire content writers. But, you can also create content on your own by using the available data. It is possible to provide unique content using the available information on the internet.

So, you can present the available data in a completely new way to the readers through your content. From all the available information and statistics, you can derive new insights and present it to the people in the easiest way possible.

To create content, you can at first find out your industry related data or insights. From the data, you need to highlight the information that could benefit the readers regarding your industry.

Then you can add pictures, make charts, infographics, and more to make your content even more eye-catching.

For creating content, you don’t have to be a top-class writer. The data you are providing would be enough to provide new insights to your target audience.

This is how you can save a good amount of marketing budgets for your small business. So, this one is another low budget marketing strategy that you can implement in your small business.

5. Engaging with the target audience through groups and forums

Engaging with your target audience is another way of low-cost marketing strategy. You can embrace it for your small business without spending a lot of money. You can do it just by investing your time.


By doing so, you will get more insights about the buyers like their journey, likes, dislikes, their expectations, and so on. You will be able to incorporate those ideas into your business to provide them with the best products or services.

It has a huge impact when it comes to building a brand at the early stage of the business.

There are different platforms where you get to stay in touch with your target audience. There are Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other social networking and forums where your target audiences connect.

You can join those platforms and share your insights with them. While doing so, you can also try to solve the problems they face. The audience will be benefited, and they would be more curious about your business.

It is the most organic way of building a relationship with your target customers and providing value at the same time. So at the beginning stage of your business, you can surely embrace this low budget marketing tactic.

Wrapping Up

The strategies mentioned above can help your small business to achieve the initial marketing momentum. It would cost you very little or almost nothing.

The main take away point is this – even when you have a budget constraint, you should not entirely ignore all marketing strategies. There are so many other low budget marketing strategies available that you can embrace.

Once you create a reliable brand for your small business and have a regular flow of revenue, then you can go for more costly marketing tactics. Thus, by doing so, you will reach to a broader audience.