LinkedIn, the social media network for professionals, remains the best tool for lead generation, especially for B2B businesses. It may be more formal than Facebook and more polite in conversation than Twitter, but its visitor-to-lead conversion rate is three times higher than both. Likes and followers are valued—but ultimately, it’s the sales and the potential revenues that make social media investment attractive to business owners.

Mining LinkedIn for leads can be faster and more productive if you use technology, instead of resorting to the traditional manual methods. Regardless of how good your social media management team is, the more than 690 million LinkedIn members are simply too massive to cover. Combing through this would take a lot of man-hours, and the results might not even be optimal. On the other hand, the right software can bring you your preferred leads at a faster time.

5 Ways how technology to generate more leads from LinkedIn

Here are 5 good reasons why you should use technology that does LinkedIn lead generation automation :

1. Automate your campaigns, sales prospecting, and follow-ups

Repetition and constant follow-up in what is a numbers game can generate leads on LinkedIn. However, they can be tedious to your marketing team who would have to carve precious time from their creative hours. Automation would regulate and make consistent your planned-out campaigns and sales prospecting, and at your preferred schedules. It would also take note and filter out leads that have been contacted, compared to those which still need reaching out.

Automatic follow-ups can also be a way to make sure that your leads did receive your communication. You can determine the frequency of the follow-up and its time frame. The potential client would not slip within the cracks. Neither will your sales agent suffer the usual weariness, impatience, and anxiety that usually bog them down during this dogged process.

2. Detect replies automatically

It can take days for notifications to appear in your inbox saying that a LinkedIn prospect actually replied to your inquiry. But the LinkedIn automation tool will immediately inform you once a positive reply pops up. Right there and then, you can contact the prospect.

That kind of speed is vital in lead and sales generation, especially these days when every potential dollar that comes in counts. Your team can move faster than the competition in securing a deal.


3. Tighten Database screening and team security

Once the reply is detected and noted, the automatic follow-up to that particular lead stops. The system also automatically filters it from the leads that are lined-up for contact or follow-up. You can have the option of putting that lead on your lead database, or removing it permanently.

This blacklist rarely happens, but it does happen. There are times that a cold lead turns out to be unresponsive because that organization has closed down, or the person owning it has resigned or passed away. Some leads also turn out to be inactive. Some individuals create multiple accounts, and you just need to deal with one. Regardless of the reason, the LinkedIn lead generation platform can filter them out of your list of contacts.

4. Track lead response and acceptance

The best lead generation tool will not just tell you about the replies that come down from the pipeline. It will also monitor and assess the behavior of your prospects especially when it comes down to their response and acceptance. For example, it will register that this grocery owner accepted 80% of all the invitations sent to him the past year. On the other hand, he only actively replied to 30% out of those invitations. Those numbers show you the engagement and interest level of that grocery owner.

Response and acceptance tracking can also be conducted to monitor the impact of your sales campaigns. You can find out which of them got the highest acceptance rates, the greatest number of responses, as well as the lowest figures in those areas. You can study these trends carefully to improve your next sales campaigns.

5. Analyze data for actionable decisions

The LinkedIn lead generation automation tool will always be pouring data into your system. You can gather and analyze the information they contain to see patterns and trends that can help you make actionable decisions. The response and acceptance tracking capability features prominently in this aspect.

For example, discover which segment of your target markets generate the highest positive response to a Christmas campaign. Or determine which fiscal seasons of the year bring the biggest sales, and which show a disinterested market. The data analysis can give you a strong pulse of your target market, and show you suggestions how to better reach them next time.

Technology can help you generate more leads on LinkedIn

Automation will also invite you to take a good close second look at LinkedIn. Its unique features can also assist you in improving your bottom line. They prevent you from wasting time in chasing bad or unqualified leads, while making sure that you always keep in touch with your good leads through your ongoing effective campaigns. Technology can automate your LinkedIn lead generation processes, and make your yield significantly increase. Compared to what you and our team can do manually, the returns you get will be far greater.